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What can I say, it's pretty cool that in an hour you can throw something down and share in a profound way. I just dropped another ThunderCats pic for fun. Check it out. One thing I'd love to see is a special designation for a search that showcases others Muro drawings. Maybe I'm just inept, but I tried looking and didn't come across much. I'm gonna pump this Muro thing up as I do more how I draw segments and keep playing with this fun program! Thanks again DA for the ride!

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Mkay, big fan.  Love a show that makes me think.  Gotta know though, this has been bugging me to no end, and I'm about 95% sure this is just a cosmic coincidence, buuuut.  Did Addicus kill a mockingbird?
aL-Rocket Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Dan, I watched the panel where you guys were talking about Thundercats 2011 at Powercon 2013.  I was just so blown away by the process and the time and effort you all put into the show.  It was so incredible, I wish it wasn't canceled but what you were able to provide, I thank you so much!

I look forward to anything further that can be revealed about the intention of the series.  I know that it's driving some of us Thundercats fans crazy not having the rest to enjoy and are writing their own scripts to sooth the curiosity and sudden disconnection to the show. 
DanNortonArt Sep 19, 2013  Professional

I'm going to do a few podcasts to reveal the entire plot that wasn't gotten to in a story context so it falls into place. Trust me, I want to give everyone closure. It's important! I'm glad you enjoyed the intel!! Oh and thanks for watching the show!




That would be wonderful. I watched the panel online as well and it had me drooling for more. It all sounded amazing, the origin of Snarf to Lynx-O and Slythe's history. I loved it all.

I was able to get my 5,6, and 8 year old cousins into the show and buying merchandise, but it was too little too late. I have the DVDs and they still beg me to bring them whenever I visit. They spent all last weekend calling themselves Kit and Kat and pick-pocketing the family. 

It was an absolutely amazing show and I thank you for all the hard work that was clearly put into it.
What would have happened to Kaynar, Addicus, and Vultaire after Slithe's demise? What does the soul stone do?
I have a question Dan, the other 26 Thundercats don't mind me asking what they were called and what the plots were? Cause I'm writing a I was wondering if you could help me? Please?
BlueBerserker Sep 4, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Hey! You're the one responsible of the new ThunderCats designs? Great work. :)

I might be a little late tot he party but it wasn't until last year that I sat down to watch the series and I must say that I enjoyed them quite a bit. It's a little disappointing that it didn't make it to a second season, but for what it's worth, what got to the audience was well worth it and I personally consider your concept works a honorable successor.

Best regards.
kskillz Aug 31, 2013  Professional General Artist
Awesome work sir love your design concepts with T.Cats! Sorry the show got cancelled i loved it, but i will be watching your work!!!
johnsalvino Aug 7, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I love your design work, very inspiring!
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